From corporate business management perspective, no methodology or process, on its own is good enough but a delicate mix of prevailing management trends with a very creative approach and clear vision can bring the desirable positive difference.
Cloud 99, the first module we have launched is a testimony to the same fact and is a miniature version of approach, philosophy used in the overall solution proposed. The module brings industry, institute, students, professionals and society together on one platform to accomplish internship, Research, CSR and other social and personal projects. The main features are listed below.


Current project details


What Is There For Me/ FAQ

2018-10-20 (1)

How To Start

Industrial project

  • 360° feedback with Performance assessment and Resource Risk management.
  • Solution review system at every stage, to minimise communication and Human error and skill gaps.
  • complete auditability and track ability.
  • Solution linked, formula based payment system to ensure maximum gains to every stakeholder and minimum cost to organization.
  • No need of any computers for data collection. Mobile is sufficient.
  • All support functions like HR, Purchase, Marketing etc. at a shared/ distributed cost, without having to maintain employees.
  • Possible to take up CSR at a very big level, with big business returns and much lesser financial commitment.
for Industries

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