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Sign up > Register > receive notification from SME > propose yourself for joining the project > receive acceptance from SME > Submit your IDs > Receive the Doc submission approval > Receive project start notification with assignment > Attend call with SME / Leads to understand the assignment > Communicate with faculty / Leads / SME to clear your doubts > receive notifications on delivery status > receive review on your delivery > do the delivery corrections if required > receive feedback on your participation


Fit yourself in to one of the user type. Anybody, having any work experience, employed or self-employed, or house wives as X professionals all come under the category of PROFESSIONALS.


Receive requirement from customer > accept the requirement > Discuss with customer team to define the problem > Finalize the problem statement after review with board> publish the resource requirement> get the candidature list > finalize the candidates > send formal project acceptance to customer and finalize the project complexity, execution plan and cost along with review board > declare team and explain Leads / Faculty, about high level task and assignments > Review the compiled solution for delivery > Edit the delivery document if required, before dispatching it to customer. > Propose the implementation plan if required.


The basic objective is to categorize and classify your professional expertise and social interest up to third level of precision to ensure most appropriate connections and communication. So if you are a business man, an organization or an individual, use the example to classify your expertise
Manufacturing > Mechanical engineering > Automotive engineering > presswork and Fabrication > car chassis
Trading > Electrical Engineering > Power engineering > Transmission and Distribution > switch gear Panels
Service > Information Technology > Package applications > Oracle ERP > SCM Functional consultant
However, apart from your main trade/ skill, there are many other skills you have picked up where you can help others as an independent consultant. Pl. mention all these areas in the other skill section, separating by comma. For example
Manufacturing – arc welding, spot welding, cutting, bending, die making, tool making
Trading – Push button switches, toggle switches, MCBs, Automatic switches, wires, cables
Service – Business Process Re-engineering, change Management, Lean-sigma, Supply chain management
Preferred social service area – Pl. classify your social interest, following the example bellow


Location – For donations or other contributions, you can choose if you wish to do it for your village, home town or current residential area etc.


Go to your home page after login and check different reports available to understand the participation of students and their performance.


Person who will be the contact point for the institute (preferably T&P officer) will be termed as a customer in EPRAGYA system and has to first sign up as a professional. After completing his/her own registration, he/ she has to select the user type as INSTITUTE and provide the college details.


offer a project or publish a problem > select the SME you wish to work with > Nominate your staff to work with SME for defining the Problem statement > Receive project acceptance from SME > Decide the Project plan, complexity, cost and schedule of the project > Receive notification if there are any exception to agreed plan > Review the solution > Ask for implementation plan if required


 Person who will be the contact point for the organization will be termed as a customer in EPRAGYA system and has to first sign up as a professional. After completing his/her own registration, he/ she has to select the user type as organization and provide the company details.


Login to Social home page. > use the template to start a community on Cloud 99 > OR YOU CAN ASK US TO CREATE A COMMUNITY HOME PAGE AND LAUNCH COMMUNITY FORUM. > ask every community member to join EPRAGYA Cloud 99 > Launch various child projects as per template.


You receive notifications on launch of new project and on status of your task and schedule compliance, as it is an automated monitoring system. You also have the option to respond and take action.


If you are interested in offering any service yourself or wish to take initiative in social area, you can propose a project yourself and can expect rest of the resources to come to project soon.


Login to industrial home page and you find Exchange. Mention the excess operator hours or the machining capacity you have or if you are in need of it. Fields are self-explanatory. Publish the hourly rates and get immediate deals. You receive the details of responding party through notification.


Login to industrial home page and you find Chaupal. Showcase your expertise, experience and views and connect with others, as shown in the examples under “Home > Current Project Details” .


Audit template is a classic example of how, using a creative approach, a big complicated process can be broken down to simple doable small tasks, even by young professionals, with no experience and only with a little guidance.

The Audit output is also following 5 simple reports

1) Improvements with existing infrastructure (only minor infra changes may be recommended ) 2) influence of external factors which can be changed 3) process changes possible with existing manpower 4) self-sustaining ( arranging resources from within) continuous growth plan. 5) change Implementation plan with immediate, medium term and long term gains.

The audit details are treated as completely confidential and are not accessible / sharable to anyone except the ream working on it. This relationship is treated just like a Doctor –Patient relationship. Refer some examples under “Home > Current Project Details”


For your convenience, we have created some templates to help you start off immediately, just by filling some details. Using these, you enjoy the best practices for an ensured success. Please Contact us with your requirements, to start immediately.

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