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KYI- The future of IT consulting explained with a particular example.KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER –START TO THE END OF 

Organization has shared its expert openion on future trends. You can also express yourself under Industrial > Chaupal > KYI .Check the Article...START TO THE END OF CONSULTING When ERP was introduced, there use to be separate functional and Technical consultants for every module. This trend continued for quite some time. At the same time, team structure also use to be very elaborate, with multiple layers and multiple managers. With time, the market has matured and now the demand is for techno functional consultant and techno Managers. Same changes have been observed in other areas of consulting business. Financially, technically and operationally, it is no more affordable and desirable to have separate agencies for solution design, implementation, support and maintenance. With different agencies, with their different tools and applications, the vision, preference and priorities are different, hence, even when the product on paper is same as required initially, usually the effectiveness of the implemented solution is very different from the one envisaged originally. With this learning from the past, particularly MSME have started looking for agencies which can provide a turnkey solution to the company. To fill-up this gap, start-ups like EPRAGYA have come up with an approach, where a TOP LAYER is created above your existing software tools and applications to completely integrate people process and technology in complete alignment with policies and vision. The output is 95% digitization with single window execution and control of all operations of every resource. This also provides a great foundation to quickly improve process maturity to the level of script based Automation. The continuous improvement environment thus created, puts the company on the fast track growth path. .

HR-Updates-How beautifully “The Rebel”(SME) has provided deep insight on personal traits, for growth in corporates.

SME has shared his experience with youngsters on success in corporate. You can also express yourself under the Tab Industrial > Chaupal > HR Updates .Check the Article... The Brand name of your college and degree and your GPA, provides you the entry ticket as a fresher in a big corporate. However, your survival and growth there, majorly depends on two critical factors 1)Your ability to create a positive perception 2) Setting clear expectations with a closed loop communication. Ultimately what matters is your knowledge and quality of delivery. However, what makes your customer feel comfortable is your clear communication and the confidence of being able to handle the issue. You might not necessarily be having the solution at that moment, but it is the confidence which creates a perception of you as a winner. A champion, who can conquer the tough situations. This level of confidence and clarity comes only when you are able to look a little beyond current status and with a little glimpse of overall solution. While, this sight is available to you only when you are confident and comfortable initially. So as per the law of attraction of universal forces, yours being comfortable with yourself is the foremost important thing. The more you are positive, the more confidence and support you gain. Just believe in yourself and the world will follow you. All the best.

SUCCESS AND ISSUES-You can highlight, special services offered by you, the way Epragya has done under Tab “ISSUES / SUCCESS” – Success – Epragya provides wholistic corporate management which integrates people process and technology..

you can also highlight,special services offered by you,the way Epragya has done here under Industrial > Chaupal > Success..Check the Article... Epragya provides wholistic corporate management which integrates people process and technology. As a result, you get 95% digitization in a continuous improvement environment where all the resources execute all their operations through a single window. Soon you will get updates for Mechanical, Electrical, Textile, chemical etc. .

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A simple solution for a complicated requirement

Audit template is a classic example of how, using a creative approach, a big complicated process can be broken down to simple doable small tasks, even by young professionals, with no experience and only with a little guidance.

The Audit output is also following 5 simple reports

1) Improvements with existing infrastructure (only minor infra changes may be recommended ) 2) influence of external factors which can be changed 3) process changes possible with existing manpower 4) self-sustaining ( arranging resources from within) continuous growth plan. 5) change Implementation plan with immediate, medium term and long term gains.

The audit details are treated as completely confidential and are not accessible / sharable to anyone except the ream working on it. This relationship is treated just like a Doctor –Patient relationship. Refer some examples under “Home > Current Project Details”

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