Tools And Technology


Tools And Technology

E PRAGYA Framework is a masterpiece of technical excellence, due to which you are not required to Purchase various expensive software licenses and hardware, as we have used the Community Source Model and Built using standard Open Source J2EE technologies. Through our cloud based solution, all your hardware worries are also taken care off.

The maintenance also becomes very easy and least expensive, as all the resources are shared and system needs updates only after pre decided long intervals of 3/5 yrs.

You can rely on us for all your future Tech requirement as our specialization and offerings include…

Solution Areas

► Big data ► Hybrid Cloud Management ► DevOps ► Hybrid Integration ► SOA & API enablement ► Internet of things

Offerings and Services

  • Full spectrum IT Services with Application Development, support and Maintenance and System Integration required for development of Custom Business Solution.
  • Total IT Infrastructure Management with Network, Hardware & Infrastructure Design, consulting and support service.
  • Cloud strategy, Migration, Architecture and private cloud setup.
  • Ecommerce & custom Web Development and Mobile App Development.

Our technology partner has Presence in India, USA & Middle East Asia and have served more than 70 companies in last 3 years, which includes likes of NSDC (National skill development corporation), Patanjali, Volvo, Jio, etc.

**we are having highest level of server security certification. Your personal info is completely encrypted and non shareable as a policy. The access is role based and restricted. Hence your documents/ intellectual property is completely safe and secured.**

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