Executive Corner

Due to our various innovative & patented technologies, and its creative application, we are able to offer plug and play environment to all small business and industry owners, (including tourism), to get connected to customer with their improved product & services and make business more profitable.

Our innovative “e service commerce”, is an important segment of Tourism, and takes care of all the requirements of Tourist, and service providers. Hence we can assure Govt. of doubling their Tourism revenue and increasing the related employment by 150% , without much of direct involvement or investment.

As we are integrating people, Process, Policies & Technology and operations, we are providing success model for every function on ground, being digital in nature, which can be quickly replicated across state within a year. Thus state Govt. can earn huge revenue as opportunity cost.

On our collaborative platform we integrate Industry, Institutes, Experts and Society. Thus, a unique welfare based PPP model is developed, which can facilitate implementation of all Govt. schemes on ground, saving lot of redundancy and Funds.

Due to our innovative LOGISTICS and SOCIAL models, we can effectively handle Natural as well as man made disasters. Thus, we can fulfil complete agenda of GOI Tourism policy and G20 declaration on Tourism.


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