Complete Solution for Tourism as an Industry
Compliance & more to GOI Tourism Policy
Fulfilment of G20 agenda
Growth of Tourism Revenue & Employment
Growth of Institutional & International Tourism
Sustainable Tourism
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Discipline / Process / Systems are always the primary differentiator for success. How to implement in life and in Business / Industrial environment, as an R&D company we have been struggling to figure it out since last 5 years. After a grueling Trial & Test, based on vast data collected and customer feedback received, we are happy to announce the emergence of an end to end model, having  tourism as its base, which can also successfully take care of very contradictory demands of unorganized sector like, user friendly but comprehensive, affordable but sophisticated, easy but with full scale service, etc. etc.

We intend to help state Govts. Develop objective oriented tourism with Theme based destinations to not just pamper the visitors, but give them life time memories and learning. So that the Tourist and Tourism become change agents and play a role of catalyst in transforming state economy, revenue & culture etc.

This has become possible, as we have done extensive research in Global Tourism issues, trends and Requirements and our mentors have collectively more than 50 years of Global experience in developing effective turn key solutions. 

Industrial Project

  • 360° feedback with Performance assessment and Resource Risk management
  • Solution review system at every stage, to minimise communication and Human error and skill gaps
  • complete auditability and track ability
  • Solution linked, formula based payment system to ensure maximum gains to every stakeholder and minimum cost to organization
  • No need of any computers for data collection. Mobile is sufficient
  • All support functions like HR, Purchase, Marketing etc. at a shared/ distributed cost, without having to maintain employees
  • Possible to take up CSR at a very big level, with big business returns and much lesser financial commitment

Social Project

  • Risk free, digital, transparent, task completion based, automated payment/ donation system
  • Availability of specialized skills and quick fulfilment of the open resource requirements
  • Forecasting, planning, tracking and reporting of resource learnings/ skill development
  • End to end digital project monitoring and status reporting

Corporate CSR Project

Starting a CSR project with us …

In the same budget, you are able to accomplish much more as you are also supported by outside fund, resource and expertise and Govt. / other agencies collaboration etc.

You are able to establish better people connect and enhance brand image while saving on marketing expenses.

Personal Project



Feature List

Software Development

Adarsh Gram

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