Features and Advantages

  • Provide immediate measures to prevent man-made environmental disasters, (due to increased tourist population) like vehicular pollution, solid waste management, protection of green cover etc.
  • Help raise funds to gradually implement preventive measures, suggested by various committees for environmental protection. Also, to develop new and existing sites abiding eco friendly measures.
  • Make the existing Tourism facilities much more profitable and generate better Returns on existing investment.
  • Reduce expenses on Marketing and advertisements and generate better Returns on Marketing investments
  • Increase Foreign, Corporate and Institutional Tourist.
  • Reduce subsidies and incentives burden and improve state Revenue
  • Utilize spiritual capital of the state
  • Support not only Tourism related industries and services but entire Micro and small industries and services, to boost regional economy including promotion of “GI tagged items”
  • City travel and transport, Food distribution, courier/ parcel service etc. are the backbone of tourism industry and currently a market of more than 2 lakh crore, nationally and primarily dominated by foreign companies / investors. through our system, state Govt. can ensure that profits from these businesses are distributed amongst local service providers only
  • There are many different departments supporting Tourism agenda through their different activities. tight integration amongst these departments can be ensured, resulting in cost savings by avoiding effort redundancy
  • Tourism promotion efforts will completely fulfil the agenda of revenue & employment enhancement and effective implementation of welfare schemes

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