Why you need ePragya


It is not possible for any single Govt. agency to fully implement the Tourism policy of GOI and the Tourism Agenda of G20 summit, because of following typical job expectations, which are simply out of scope for any Govt. department


  • As Tourism is a very diversified sector, to Future proof the investment in a tourism system, with very high scalability, a deep interdepartmental integration at operation level is required. This should also handle customization required for typical state requirements. When this happens, it will Create a framework, for further and gradual digitization.
  • For sustainable growth, system should help to establish a robust supply chain control, for every category of micro & small business product and services. It should also facilitate on the job training & troubleshooting, Continuous Feedback and Monitoring
  • To Market this effort and connect with society and Global Finance agencies, state Govt. needs a single face and a unified package, assuring implementation of vision


  • ePRAGYA platform not only fulfils all above conditions, but also helps State Govt. to start earning revenue, instead of paying for development and maintenance of system, and paying incentives and subsidies to business and Industries, while better supporting them
  • System offers exceptional capability to connect with every one and handhold with them individually. Due to this virtue, long term change management can also be planned

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