Our Products and Services

Strategic Optimization and Growth Planning

A unique offering where vision and policies are tightly entwined with people and processes, so that the growth plan is predesigned and embedded in system

Process integration

A unique 3-dimensional integration, as every process has people, policy and technology aspects, which are tightly integrated here

Software Development

E PRAGYA Framework is a masterpiece of technical excellence, due to which you are not required to Purchase various expensive software licenses and hardware, as we have used the Community Source Model and Built using standard Open Source J2EE technologies. Through our cloud based solution, all your hardware worries are also taken care off.


Organization and Process Maturity assessment

A unique offering, which helps gaining effectiveness in operations. Here, the quality certifications come by default, as it is one layer above repeatability and optimization.


Audit and quality compliance management

Our process and system design approach is such that all the transactions and processes are self-audited and does not require any additional effort to remain compliant to audit requirement.


Operation Management

we offer you the most convenient way to operate, as every task under every role is governed through a single window on your system.


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